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    Friday, February 26, 2016 at 6:00 PM - Sunday, February 28, 2016 at 6:00 PM (PST)

    MBKHack Oakland 2016

    MetWest High School

    314 E 10th St.
    Oakland, CA 94606

  • What is a Hackathon?

    Hackathons gather together technologists (coders), artists (designers), and problem solvers (innovators) to brainstorm, design and build a web or mobile app that can change the world, create a business, or both!


    Qeyno’s mission is to transform children's lives and make them powerful through social innovation, education, and technology.


    My Brother's Keeper Hackathon (#MBKHACK) is a bold new hackathon model out of Qeyno Labs that is strongly aligned with President Obama and the White House's call to action for companies, organizations, foundations, and community leaders to work together to improve the life outcomes of young men of color. 

  • Registration is open for Trailblazers*, Developers, Designers, and Innovator Mentors of every race, gender, and background.

    *Trailblazers are youth participants ages 12 - 20.  If you are under 12 years of age, you can still qualify to participate under special consideration.  Register and complete your application to qualify.


    A majority of our youth participants, referred to as "Trailblazers", will include Black, Latino, Native-American and under-represented Asian and Pacific Islanders who identify as male and inclusive of transgender males.

    Our trailblazers will spend three days on teams working alongside adult professionals supporting them as they build websites and mobile apps that will positively impact their community and improve their life outcomes.


    Young women attending the majority-male hackathon will have encouraging and supportive mentors through the My Sister's Keeper Initiative, a collective of companies and organizations in support of the preparation, representation, and participation of girls and women at each My Brother's Keeper Hackathon.

    Our CEO Kalimah Priforce believes that, “It is only by including young women and trans youth, do we get closer to an inclusive masculinity for the 21st century.”

    Are you a young woman looking to express your voice and add your genius towards building an app while working alongside young men of color? Register to be a MSK trailblazer!

    Are you a designer, developer, or innovator that wants to use your skills to make a positive impact on our girls and young women? My Sisters Keeper is looking for you to join us and be tech mentors to our MSK trailblazers.

    For inquiries on how to support My Sister's Keeper at MBKHACK - please sign up for the MSK "Pitch Your Best Self" Workshop below.

  • The Qeyno Experience (MSNBC Mini-Documentary)

    MSNBC.com follows promising teen Zachary Dorcinville through an inspiring weekend of “apps not raps” at the My Brother’s Keeper #YesWeCode Hackathon in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • CONTENT Tracks

    If your company or organization would like to sponsor a track, please reach us here.


    The education track focuses on issues related to achievement of people of diverse ethnicities and economic backgrounds and can include topics related to college readiness, access, completion and career guidance.

    Restorative Justice

    Restorative justice seeks solutions related to preventing the criminalization of economically disadvantaged people, and strategies that empower ex-offenders to transition from the prison wall to successful members of the community, and provide valuable intervention resources to high school or college dropouts.

    Environmental Sustainability


    The sustainability track challenges participants to create an app or design solutions that preserves our environment and encourages personal practices such as recycling, resource sharing, garment collection and redistribution, energy efficiency, and water conservation.

    Health, Food, & Wellness


    The health track focuses on issues related to the public health of people of diverse ethnicities and economic backgrounds such as improving wellness, increasing diversity in the medical profession, quality food access, and promoting diet and exercise.

    Financial Inclusion & Literacy


    Financial inclusion and literacy apps help increase access for everyone to a range of quality financial services at affordable prices with convenience, respect, and dignity and includes the ability to understand how to save, credit card usage, and improve one's well-being through the conscious management of their personal and private finances and investments.

  • MBKHack Oakland 2016 is a proud to be a featured event for Tech EQuity Week.

    Tech EQuity Week is dedicated to creating a more inclusive tech ecosystem by gathering emerging movements and leaders in tech company diversity and STE(A)M education.

    Join us for Tech EQuity Week (@TEQWEEK) from February 23rd to March 3rd, 2016 to celebrate the world's inaugural gathering of social impact organizations and technology companies working with local communities to deepen and promote a more equitable tech ecosystem.

  • Thank You to Our Sponsors and Community Partners.

    To learn how you can be a community partner or sponsor for our event, please contact us below.  Perks include being featured on our event apparel and addressing participants during opening and closing pitches. 





    Kapor Center for Social Impact



  • If you are not a Designer, Developer or Innovator, but still want to help out, sign up to be a volunteer! Our volunteers will be a critical part of the event's success, while having the opportunity to experience the hackathon from the inside.

    Our volunteers include seasoned and fresh entrepreneurs, industry professionals, community organizers, concerned citizens, youth and parents who are all passionate about solving some of the most difficult problems facing our society today.

    Volunteers help with tasks like registration, set up & clean up, social media and various team needs.


    Special THanks to Johnathon Henninger

    Staff Photographer

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